The Month That Was….

Now that we’re at the end of March, we thought we’d take a step back and recount on the month that was…

Tap It Brewing

First, big shout out to Tap It Brewing who started our month off right with our most fun show to date. Tap It turned into a huge party (the drinks were so damn good) and I personally know at least 5 people who had perma-grins on their faces at the event but didn’t remember a single thing afterwards. Watching the chaos unfold as beach balls were kicked into people’s faces was quite a thrill from on stage, let me tell you. At the end of the day though, I think everyone made it home alive. Et sic vadit… We’re in talks for returning in September so if you missed it, we’ll be back. Also a big thanks to the Left Coast T-shirt company for hooking us up with some shirts.

UU Hour

The UU hour show was a blast as well.  The ASI guys and girls put on quite a tight operation and I don’t think we’ve ever heard our voices as well as we heard them that day. Men, women, children and dogs alike celebrated amidst pizza, cornhole, free massages (!?!!) and Will’s sweet, sweet voice. Fun Fact: the University Union is only permitted to have live music from 11:00:00 – 12:00:00, so sound check is quite a rushed operation and you might have to give your keys to strangers to move your car before the show. Thankfully the show went well and our cars only had a few dents in them afterwards 😉

Mongo’s Saloon

Next up we rolled down to Mongo’s Saloon in Grover Beach. They’ve got a pretty cool stage setup there and we shared that bill with one of our favorite local acts, The Bogeys. The Bogeys  just acquired a new bassist,  who also happens to play the trumpet, so their sound is becoming more and more intoxicating every time I listen. I think I almost cried when they played their own spin on Come Together. Our time with the Bogeys wasn’t quite over yet though…

House Party

On Friday, March 24, we threw a house show that turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. It’s been one week since the event, and I think there’s still about 150 beer bottles lying about my backyard and living room. Props to whoever did a handle pull of Everclear … we hope you’re alright. The talented Bijan Navid opened up the show on acoustic with Mike Azevedo of the Hopeless Romantics laying down the beat on drums. As the rain began to creep in, the party moved from outside to in, and we played a stripped-down 6 song set. By the time the Bogeys went on, my living room was more packed than I ever saw it before and all of my Vodka had already disappeared. With their new bassist / trumpet-man, it really became an immersive experience and we were all the more stoked by the fact that not a single cop or SNAPPLE (the harbingers of $700 tickets for running your TV too loud at night) came by. Suffice to say, we’ll be throwing another one down the road.


The month ended with an early wake-up call on Sunday to play at the March Triathlon Series. If you don’t know, the Cal Poly Tri Team puts on the event every year at Lake Lopez and does an absolutely fantastic job of bringing together the best collegiate racers in California. We had fun playing our set with the help of Bill Gaines Audio running the sound and Cal Poly killed it out there. Well, that was March! We’ve got a LOT planned for April, and will be releasing some exciting news regarding that soon, so stay tuned, friends. ☺

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